MSc & MASc Students

Photo of Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen Johnson

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Kathleen completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University in Civil Engineering and Society.  At G360, her research focuses on understanding the flow and fate of contaminants in the fractured bedrock aquifer beneath the City of Guelph.

Photo of Sam Jacobson

Sam Jacobson

MSc Candidate, School of Environmental Sciences

Sam was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and graduated with a BSc in geology from Bucknell Univeristy in Lewisburg, PA. In his undergrad, Sam focused on developing a tracer that could be used to understand contaminant transport in well developed karst systems using 3-D printers and X-ray computed tomography. At G360 he hopes to expand his contaminant knowledge to include contaminant transport in fractured media, and field methods.

Photo of James Hommerson

James Hommersen

MSc Candidate, School of Environmental Sciences

Formerly a Research Assistant with G360, James’ research focuses on evaluating the effects of agricultural contamination near a municipal pumping well using depth-discrete sampling in a shallow bedrock aquifer system.

Teresa Pilato

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Teresa is a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with BSc in Geophysical Engineering and has previously worked for USGS with the Geomagnetism Program as an intern. She is pursuing a MASc in Water Resources Engineering with a focus in groundwater modelling.

Nathan Glas

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Nathan completed his undergraduate degree in the Department of Earth Sciences at Dalhousie University with a focus in Geology and Environmental Geoscience. Nathan’s masters thesis focuses on conducting a baseline groundwater quality study in the northwest territories portion of the Liard Basin, with the goal of obtaining an understanding of the hydrochemistry, flow system and aquifer vulnerabilities.

Brent Redmond

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Brent completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa in Geology. After working with the G360 group as a research assistant for the summer of 2018,  Brent began a MASc degree focused on demonstrating whether the FLUTe FACTTM (Flute Activated Carbon Technology) provides a cost-effective and useful measure of in-situ contaminant and mass flux distributions in fractured rock.

Andrew Stockford

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Andrew completed his Honors BSc in Earth & Environmental Science at McMaster University with a minor in GIS. He is looking forward to developing his skills as a hydrogeologist with the G360 research group. Project to be determined.

Glen Hook

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Glen is a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he majored in geology, emphasizing in hydrogeology and water chemistry and minored in environmental science. Glen is an Intern for the summer of 2019 and will transition to a Masters student within the group in the fall.

Connor Gorrie

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Connor is a recent graduate from the University of Waterloo with a BSc degree in Earth Science (Geophysics specialization). He will be pursuing a MASc in Water Resources Engineering at the University of Guelph with the hopes of applying his interest and knowledge of Geophysics to the study of groundwater and further develop his skills as a hydrogeophysicist.

Faran Vahedian

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Faran completed her MASc degree in Water and Environmental Engineering from Shahid Beheshti University in 2017. She has since joined the G360 group as an MASc student. Faran’s research interests include groundwater dynamics and contaminant transport and fate, groundwater remediation, source water protection, risk assessment of groundwater vulnerability to contamination, and numerical modeling.

Michelle Leahey

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Michelle has recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences from McMaster University. Michelle is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of contaminant hydrogeology and wishes to contribute meaningful advances to the field.

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