Oliver Conway-White

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Oliver graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc in Earth Science (Geophysics Specialization). His research interest is in applying geophysical methods to the study of groundwater.

Oliver’s thesis involves combining multiple geophysical techniques (both surface and airborne) to resolve the hydrostratigraphy of a buried bedrock valley in Elora, Ontario. Using these non-invasive tools, the research seeks to investigate the role of buried bedrock valleys on groundwater flow systems and ultimately address the question of how different geophysical methods can provide groundwater practitioners with meaningful hydrogeologic information.

Through his studies at the G360 Institute, he wants to develop his skills as both a hydrogeologist and geophysicist with the end goal of contributing to the development of applied hydrogeophysical methods that will lead to better decision-making for utilizing, conserving, and remediating groundwater resources.

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