G360 Research Data

The G360 Research Data Index is a work in progress aimed at providing public online access to the metadata describing the datasets available in the G360 Institute’s fractured sedimentary rock hydrogeology data repository. This repository is one of, if not the World’s largest repository of data specifically dedicated to the analysis of contaminant fate and behaviour in fractured media. This metadata will summarize all of the Institute’s datasets by data type, method, time period, and anonymous regional location and allow searchers to target data of interest based on these metrics. While the raw and processed datasets being summarized in the Data Index cannot be made publically available, interested parties can use the Data Index to identify datasets and contact the Institute Director, Dr. Beth Parker by email (bparker@g360group.org) to explore the potential to gain access on a case-by-case basis. In many cases, data can be shared once the appropriate agreements with research site owners and collaborating principal investigators are addressed.

While the compilation of metadata continues in preparation for the public release of the metadata search portal, the G360 Institute is currently making available a simple set of tables summarizing the types of data available in each of the four core research sites data has been collected from over the past 25 years. Data has been collected at over one hundred research sites, and these summaries only represent the four most active research sites including fractured sedimentary bedrock sites located in the Guelph and Cambridge region in Ontario, California, and Wisconsin.

View the Summary Table


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