Dr. Beth Parker Awarded Nova Domus Grant

Nova Domus Erasmus Mundus

Nova Domus is an Erasmus Mundus Key Action 2 project which aims to facilitate research and education links across a consortium of universities in Europe and North America in the fields of:

  • medical sciences
  • public health
  • natural sciences
  • physics and engineering

Nova Domus grants enable doctoral, post-doctoral, and staff candidates to undertake a period of research/ work/ training in a partner universities in Europe to the benefit of both the individual, and their wider research area.

lund_logoDr. Beth Parker recently completed a Nova Domus sponsored research exchange at Lund University from March 18-April 22, 2017.  During this research exchange, Beth was an invited speaker on topics that included:

  • Geologic time scales vs. contaminant transport time scales
  • High resolution characterization needed for groundwater flow system and transport predictions: How much data is enough?
  • The importance of hydrologic unit delineation sedimentary rock aquifers

Beth stated “This Nova Domus program offered an amazing opportunity to connect with new colleagues and a new place that may have never otherwise occurred. I am grateful for this memorable experience and looking forward to continuing the scientific collaborations with Dr. Sparrenbom and her colleagues for many years“.

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