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Focused on real-world, field-based science

Morwick G360 is a field-focused groundwater research institute at the focal point of global collaboration between over 20 institutions in 11 countries. Supporters of our research program provide an average of 5 million dollars per year in funding, and include contributors from governments, multi-national corporations and big industry members. These funds are leveraged into a variety of programs managed by 17 principal investigators who oversee more than 150 graduate students and highly qualified personnel.

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One-third of the world’s population depends on groundwater…

One-third of the world’s population depends on groundwater for their drinking water, making it the world’s most extracted raw material. Globally, groundwater represents a $400 billion dollar industry, thus representing World’s third largest sector, behind electricity and oil.

Groundwater resources are at risk…

Groundwater resources are at risk of contamination from industrial, agricultural and over extraction processes. In the US alone, over 300,000 groundwater sites are believed to be contaminated. Furthermore, in the developing world, 80 percent of diseases are believed to be caused by contaminated water.


Generating global respect for groundwater through field-based research.


Morwick G360’s mission is to enable evidence-informed groundwater resource stewardship by providing a world-class research institute for training and collaboration to advance knowledge, professional practice, and policy.


Morwick G360’s strategy is to conduct field-based groundwater research in three main areas: aged contaminated industrial sites; groundwater resource protection for drinking water supplies; and potential impacts to surface water and groundwater from upstream unconventional oil and gas development. These three areas seek to generate valuable hydrological advances in technology and scientific understanding.  This is accomplished through Morwick G360’s strategic framework, which maintains the following three components:

  1. Platform: Infrastructure that enables programs
  2. Programs: Research activity that advances local knowledge and enables partnerships (research outputs)
  3. Partnerships: Knowledge Transfer, Exchange & Exploitation that advances global knowledge, policy & professional practice (research outcomes)


Our approach to groundwater research

Morwick G360’s research is field-focused, and our science is driven by going the extra mile to obtain high quality data, and building and refining our research questions. This focus on the field and data collection is a big part of what makes us unique.

Morwick G360 has developed over 24 independent technology patents as part of our efforts to develop technology solutions for real-world groundwater protection and remediation challenges. Our approach to groundwater investigation has been applied at sites around the world and in our own backyard at the UofG Bedrock Aquifer Field Facility.

  • Develop technical solutions to real-world groundwater problems
  • Develop and apply of novel tools for groundwater investigation and remediation
  • Improve and innovate on field data collection methods.
  • Use field data to ground truth conceptual and numerical models
  • Foster collaboration between universities, governments and industry
  • Build bridges between stakeholders and the communities that use and develop groundwater resources

Groundwater research is a global playing field

Our team has research sites across Canada, the US, and around the world.

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