Generating Global Respect for Groundwater

The G360 Institute for Groundwater Research is a focal point for groundwater research collaborations between Academics, Governments, and Industries around the world

Recent News

G³⁶⁰ engages grade 12 Headwaters students to promote groundwater research in Guelph

Graduate students from the G360 group were invited to give a workshop to grade 12 Headwaters students last Friday April 12th to promote groundwater research in Guelph. The workshop included demonstrations with Guelph area rock core, an aquifer tank, and discussion of…

Join us in celebrating the 2019 YMCA Women of Distinction™ – in support of Guelph Y programs for girls and women of all stages of life

On behalf of the G³⁶⁰ Institute for Groundwater Research, we invite you to attend the 24th Annual Women of Distinction™ Fundraising Event in support of Guelph Y programs for girls and women at all stages of life in Guelph and Wellington County.…

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