Generating Global Respect for Groundwater

The G360 Institute for Groundwater Research is a focal point for groundwater research collaborations between Academics, Governments, and Industries around the world

Recent News

G³⁶⁰ Presents DFN Approach to Swedish Trade Organization

On October 24, G³⁶⁰ Senior Research Engineer & Hydrogeologist, Steven Chapman, along with Erik Bergstedt (Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU) and Janna Svensson (Sweco) presented to members of the Swedish National Trade Organization, Nätverket Renare Mark ( The meeting was…

G³⁶⁰ Presents at the NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater

Members of the G³⁶⁰ group are presenting at the NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater this week, held in Burlington, VT. This conference focuses on improved outcomes for groundwater remediation and examines what is needed to construct a sufficiently…

Heron Instruments demonstrates cutting-edge well inspection camera to G³⁶⁰ Group

Heron Instruments Inc. visited the G360 Group recently to demonstrate their dipper-See EXAMINER Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera. This robust and cost effective tool will allow G360 researchers easy examination of boreholes to identify fractures or caverns, locate obstructions, and precisely position downhole instruments…

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