We’re Hiring!

Looking for a great place to work? Morwick G360 has two positions open right now! You can find application instructions and full details about the positions at the links below. Apply now!

  1. Groundwater Research Data Administrator: This role is ideal for graduates with a degree in science or engineering who have experience working with groundwater or other environmental datasets from field sites and laboratories. This position is an excellent opportunity to advance your skills in several widely used data management, processing, and visualization software tools and technologies that are highly relevant to industry, academia, and the public sector. Learn more about the position and how you can apply here. Application Deadline is August 11, 2021.

  1. Junior Digital Education Coordinator: In this role, you will support the Groundwater Project, a non-profit organization based within and administratively supported by Morwick G360 at the University of Guelph. The project is committed to providing accessible, engaging, high-quality, educational materials, free-of-charge online in many languages, to all who want to learn about groundwater, and how groundwater relates to and sustains ecological systems and humanity. To meet the requirements of the Federal Government Youth Employment Program which is providing funding for this job, the applicant must be 30 or under and either a Permanent Resident of Canada, a Canadian Citizen, or have refugee status. Learn more about the position and how you can apply here. Application Deadline is August 9, 2021.

Canadian Academy of Engineering elects new Fellows, including Morwick G360’s Dr. Beth Parker!

On June 14th, the Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE) announced its newly elected Fellows for 2021. Among them is Morwick G360’s founder and director, Dr. Beth Parker.

Founded in 1987, the CAE is an institution that enables skilled engineers to provide strategic advice for the benefit of Canada and Canadians. Each year, the CAE elects new Fellows through a vote of their peers. These Fellows are individuals who have made outstanding contributions to engineering in Canada and worldwide.

The CAE recognizes Dr. Parker for her achievements and service in the field of groundwater protection and contamination treatment:

“Dr. Parker is a global leader in fractured porous geologic media contamination, helping to protect water supplies in Guelph and many other communities. She pioneered new fractured bedrock characterisation methods (as of April 2021: 4 patents and more than 165 refereed papers, among other contributions), including novel downhole borehole devices and procedures for investigating contamination in bedrock aquifers. These methodologies have been used at complex contamination sites worldwide. Her paradigm-shifting contributions have changed how engineers can and should study contaminated sites to inform their remediation decisions. Her new technologies enable effective monitoring of bedrock aquifers.”

You can read the CAE’s full press release and learn about some of the other new Fellows here. Congratulations to Dr. Parker and the rest of the CAE’s new cohort of Fellows!

The Future of Groundwater Research

The G³⁶⁰ Institute for Groundwater Research is now the Morwick G³⁶⁰ Groundwater Research Institute! If you missed the live announcement, a recording is available below. We’re excited about what this means for the future of the Institute and for global groundwater research. Watch to learn more, or visit