Innovative Research Topics

Morwick G360 is engaged in a growing range of exciting groundwater research themes centred around understanding critical groundwater quality and quantity issues in Canada and Globally. Our research is focused on understanding site-scale mechanisms governing groundwater flow and contaminant transport processes through analysis and modelling high resolution in situ field data.

Methods & Technologies

Morwick G360 is a field-focused research institute and as such is always pushing the limits of existing methods and technologies, and developing new ones necessary for the field-based investigation of the subsurface. Our team is always looking for new ways to gain insights from well-established methods, and striving to make advanced methods easier and more cost effective to deploy.

Active Projects

In keeping with our Morwick G360 Institute mission to advance groundwater science through highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary, field-based research; our projects demonstrate the variety of technologies used for data collection and applied in various hydrogeologic environments around the globe.


Morwick G360 operates three core facilities including an Analytical Chemistry Laboratory and a Physical Properties Laboratory. The Institute has also constructed and operates the Morwick Groundwater Research Centre for controlled field experiments, collaborations, and outreach learning opportunities.

Graduate Studies

Morwick G360 and our collaborators are regularly looking for new talent who share in our passion for groundwater investigation. If you are interested in earning a Masters or PhD degree related to groundwater research, our network of principal investigators offer a wide range of evolving opportunities.

The University Consortium

The University Consortium is an informal association of University professors and industry sponsors specializing in applied groundwater research. Formed more than 30 years ago, the Consortium is now recognized worldwide for its longstanding record of producing leading edge research and fostering successful collaborations between academia and industry.

Research Services

The Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute offers a variety of research services, with widely recognized expertise in hydrogeology and related fields. Equipment and Lab rates are available below.

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