Master’s Students

Cindy Li

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering 

Cindy has an Honours BSc in Earth and Environmental Science from the University of Waterloo. She has gained experience through her co-op terms in groundwater remediation research, environmental management in the mineral resource industry, and Indigenous outreach. Cindy is looking forward to advancing her expertise in groundwater remediation and protection as an MASc candidate in the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute.

Calvin Veenkamp

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering 

Calvin has a BASc from the University of Waterloo’s Honours Environmental Engineering program, specializing in pollution treatment and control. He has completed coop terms in a wide variety of fields including automotive manufacturing, geotechnical consulting, research on invasive sea snails in the Netherlands, environmental management at a cement factory, water taking permitting for the Ontario government (PTTW), and groundwater monitoring and remediation. His coop terms sparked an interest in the field of groundwater remediation. Calvin is excited to further develop his knowledge and field experience during his time as a student with Morwick G360.

Andrew Stockford

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Andrew completed his Honors BSc in Earth & Environmental Science at McMaster University with a minor in GIS. His master’s thesis is focused on understanding the vertical and lateral connectivity across a multi-layered aquifer system associated with a 30 day pumping test conducted at a new municipal supply well in the south end of the City of Guelph. In particular, the potential impacts on a nearby wetland and moraine will be investigated using high-resolution spatiotemporal water level data collected in a network of multilevel monitoring wells.

Glen Hook

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Glen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire where he majored in geology, emphasizing hydrogeology and water chemistry, and minored in environmental science. Glen’s project site is located in Wisconsin, USA. The project investigates degradation and character of aqueous chlorinated ethenes and ethanes of a large scale, aged, mixed DNAPL plume in fractured bedrock using high resolution multilevels along flow.

Connor Gorrie

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Connor completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo in Earth Science with a geophysics specialization. He has been working on developing a 3D lithostratigraphic model of a buried bedrock valley using multiple lines of evidence from an airborne electromagnetic survey, surface geophysics, and high resolution core. Connor aims to complete his thesis in the Fall 2022 term.

Michelle Leahey

MASc Candidate, School of Engineering

Michelle has recently completed a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences from McMaster University. Michelle is looking forward to expanding her knowledge of contaminant hydrogeology and wishes to contribute meaningful advances to the field.

Emily Finger

MASc Student, School of Environmental Sciences

Emily has a BS in Geology, with an emphasis in Hydrogeology and Water Chemistry, from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (2020). She has been examining the lateral and vertical hydraulic connectivity of a fractured, multilayered bedrock system using dynamic hydraulic head monitoring in Erin, Ontario. In addition, she is using a transient, multilayered analytical element model in Python to estimate depth-discrete hydraulic parameters of the aquifer-aquitard system. Emily plans to graduate early in the spring of 2023.

Cameron Myshok

MASc Student, School of Environmental Sciences

Cameron completed his Honours BSc in Environmental Science at the University of Windsor. His undergraduate research led him to developing a 1-D reactive transport model to investigate the hydrogeochemical impact of landfill leachate entering an underlying aquifer. As a MASc student with Morwick G360, he hopes to advance field methods for monitoring and remediating contaminated groundwater.

Mitchell Brown

MASc Student, School of Environmental Sciences

Mitchell completed his BSc at the University of Waterloo in Earth Sciences with a specialization in Hydrogeology. He is looking forward to the opportunity to apply the skills he developed throughout his undergraduate degree with the G360 group.

Zakia Ahmad

MEng Candidate, School of Engineering

Zakia is a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a BASc in Chemical Engineering. Her work experience before G360 includes chemical process and environmental engineering. At Morwick G360, Zakia will focus on evaluating permanganate oxidation of chlorinated ethene contamination in fractured sedimentary rock.

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