Dr. Ferdinando Manna and Dr. Jonathan Munn join Morwick G360’s team of Principal Investigators

Morwick G360’s mission to enable evidence-based stewardship of the world’s groundwater resources is only possible through high-quality, collaborative field research programs. Today, we are please to welcome two new colleagues to the Institute who will help carry out that research. Dr. Ferdinando Manna (left) and Dr. Jonathan Munn (right) have both received five year appointments as Assistant Professors in the School of Engineering at the University of Guelph, and join the Institute as Principal Investigators. These familiar faces – both were Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists with MG360 previously – will play a key role in advancing groundwater science and sustainability at the University of Guelph in the years ahead.

Dr. Manna is a groundwater hydrologist with expertise in the assessment of groundwater recharge rates in fractured rock. He studies hydrological processes occurring across the critical zone from the atmosphere to the water table in fractured aquifers, especially in regions with seasonally dry or semi-arid climates. For example, Dr. Manna has studied recharge conditions in the southern Apennine mountains – the main source of drinking water for southern Italy – measuring long term climate variability and water table fluctuations. Dr. Manna’s approach includes combining field research – physical and chemical observations – with numerical modelling at different temporal and spatial scales.

Dr. Munn is a contaminant hydrogeologist who specializes in the characterization of bedrock aquifers. He applies various sensor-based field techniques to measure flow system properties at a range of scales. He has carried out field research in the City of Guelph and surrounding area, designing and installing monitoring wells and characterizing hydrogeological units to better understand the bedrock aquifers that supply the region with drinking water. Dr. Munn brings with him a wealth of knowledge regarding multilevel monitoring systems and innovative approaches for measuring groundwater contaminants to inform remediation techniques.

We are excited to have both of these exceptional researchers on board, and are eager to build momentum together towards a better understanding of groundwater resources and sustainability. Please join us in wishing Dr. Manna and Dr. Munn all the best as they begin their new roles with Morwick G360 and the University of Guelph.