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For 25 years the University Consortium has lead the way in applied groundwater research. The University Consortium for Field Focused Groundwater Contamination Research is an informal association of industry sponsors and 12 professors from four American and four Canadian universities. The Consortium conducts a research program with an annual budget of $8 M, which is supported by a core corporate contribution of $1.3 M. The present emphasis is on research at contaminated industrial sites in the United States and Canada, most of which are owned by the Corporate Sponsors. The Consortium has a long record of research, which is highly respected worldwide for its academic rigour and for providing industry new knowledge and technologies.

This is a unique collaboration of groundwater researchers and industry sponsor and it is administered here at the University of Guelph with founding Director Dr. John Cherry and a group of over 40 groundwater researchers.

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Research Themes

Theme 1- Site and Contaminant Characterization
Theme 2- Impacts of Contaminants on Off-Site Liability
Theme 3- Remediation Technologies
Theme 4- Knowledge Translation and Transfer
Principal Investigators

Principal Investigators

Members of the Consortium collaborate with each other, combining their expertise to address the research themes listed above. At any one time, a principal investigator can be involved in multiple projects addressing several research themes. Click here to view a list of Consortium principal investigators and their respective areas of expertise.

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