Dr. Beth Parker is an invited speaker at the AGU Fall Meeting – December 2017

Dr. Beth Parker, director of the G360 Institute for Groundwater Research, has been invited to speak at the AGU Fall Meeting taking place in New Orleans, from the 11th – 15th December 2017.

Dr. Parker will present during the session:
H21C Development of Fractured Rock Hydrogeology Through the Witherspoon Era: Discrete Fractures to Complex Systems and Validation.

Dr. Parker’s specific talk will be on the 12th December 2017 within the time period 08:00 – 12:20 and her topic is:
H21C-1469: Contaminant behavior in fractured sedimentary rocks: Seeing the fractures that matter (Invited).

Please go see her talk and have a chance to meet!

View Details about her talk here:

View the entire AGU Fall Meeting Program here:

G³⁶⁰ at the 2017 NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater

Come visit us at the NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater in Burlington, Vermont on October 2-3!

Dr. Beth Parker, the Director of G360, and Dr. Jessica Meyer, a G360 PhD Research Associate will be speaking on the following topics related to High-Resolution Characterization in Fractured Rock:

Quantifying Matrix Diffusion and Redox Effects on Hexavalent Chromium Plume Conditions in a Fractured Mudstone   Beth L. Parker, Ph.D.

Comparing Rock Matrix Contaminant Profiles Downgradient of a DNAPL Source after 10 Years of Groundwater Dissolution   Jessica Meyer, Ph.D.

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