Jennie Hansson

young woman standing on bridge

PhD Candidate, School of Engineering

Jennie has an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Lund, Sweden, specializing in ecotoxicology. Her overall focus has been understanding the fate, transport, uptake, and accumulation of pollutants in the environment. As an ecotoxicologist, her expertise revolves around the study of responses at different biological levels to determine the potential impact on the ecosystem. Throughout her years outside of academia, she has primarily worked as an environmental consultant for contaminated sites. This work involved a variety of fieldwork including groundwater and soil risk assessment, and involvement with the marine monitoring team. Through the completion of her PhD, Jennie is looking forward to advancing her knowledge in complex real site issues in groundwater- surface water interaction and studying the potential impact of contaminated groundwater discharges to flora and fauna. “For me this is the ultimate way to combine two different practices to further understand and help solve the challenges we encounter by the extensive usage of chemicals in our society”.