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Morwick G360 researchers are very active in publications and have published more than 150 papers in highly-acclaimed journals to-date.
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Other Publications

Below is a complete list of all reports and other publications in which Dr. Beth Parker, the Director of Morwick G360, is an author or co-author.

9. Simon, J.A., Abrams, S., Bradburne, T., Bryant, D., Burns, M., Cassidy, D., Cherry, J.A., Chiang, S.-Y., Cox, D., Crimi, M., Denly, E., DiGuiseppi, b., Fenstermacher, J., Fiorena, S., Guarnaccia, J., Hagelin, N., Hall, L., Hesemann, J., Houtz, E., Koenigsbert, S.S., Lauzon, F., Longsworth, J., Maher, T., McGrath, A., Naidu, R., Newell, C.J., Parker, B.L., Singh, T., Tomiczek, P., Wice, R. (2019). PFAS Experts Symposium: Statements on regulatory policy, chemistry and analytics, toxicology, transport/fate, and remediation for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination issues. Remediation, 29(4), 31-48. DOI: 10.1002/rem.21624

8. Alley, W.M., Cherry, J. A., Parker, B. L., Ryan, M.C. (2014). Nuclear waste disposal: A cautionary tale for shale gas development. EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 95(29), 264-265. DOI: 10.1002/2014EO290005

7. Cherry, J. A., Alley, W.M., Parker, B. L. (2014). Geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel: An Earth science perspective. The Bridge, Spring Issue, 44, 51-59.

6. Farah*, E.A., Parker, B. L., Cherry, J. A. (2012). Hydraulic head and atmospheric tritium to identify deep fractures in clayey aquitards: Numerical analysis. AQUAmundi , 89-99. DOI: 10.4409/Am-051-12-0045

5. Parker, B. L., Cherry, J. A., Chapman*, S. W. (2012). Discrete fracture network approach for studying contamination in fractured rock. AQUAmundi, 3, 101-116. DOI: 10.4409/Am-052-12-0046

4. Meyer* J.R; Parker, B.L. and Cherry, J.A. (2011). “Estratégicas para monitoramento de alta resolução para rochas fraturadas”. Revista Água e Meio Ambiente Subterrâneo. Ano, 3(22), 32-33.

3. Parker, B. (2011). “Utilização de amostras para caracterizar contaminação em rochas fraturadas”. Revista Água e Meio Ambiente Subterrâneo. Ano, 3(21), 26.

2. Parker, B.L. and Pehme*, P.E. (2011). “Identificação de fluxo de água subterrânea em fraturas por perfilarem de temperatura de alta resolução”. Revista Água e Meio Ambiente Subterrâneo. Ano, 3(20), 27.

1. Pehme*, P.E.; Parker, B.L. and Cherry, J.A. (2011). “Perfilagem geofísica no método de rede de fraturas discretas”. Revista Água e Meio Ambiente Subterrâneo. Ano, 3(21), 32-33.

Dense Chlorinated Solvents and other DNAPLS in Groundwater: James F. Pankow, John A. Cherry. Download

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