Scientific Team

Amanda Pierce

Senior Research Hydrogeologist & Program Manager

Amanda facilitates communication and collaboration for research conducted at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory in Southern California, including field, laboratory, and data interpretation activities; writing technical reports and manuscripts; and project timeline and budget oversight. 

Steve Chapman

Senior Research Engineer & Hydrogeologist

Steve is a senior research associate with focus on contaminant hydrogeology, including application of innovative field methods for high resolution site characterization in diverse geologic environments including clayey aquitards, heterogeneous sandy aquifers, and fractured rock

Ryan Kroeker

Senior Field Manager

At local and international sites, Ryan manages all aspects of field activities from running a coring drill, to logging and sampling core, running borehole geophysical tests and other core hole tests to multilevel design, installation, monitoring and sampling. Ryan collaborates on multiple projects and facilitates training for various field activities, ensuring accuracy of procedures, knowledge and safety.

Jessica Bulova

Project Manager and Field Research Associate

Jessica is the project manager for the Hydrite site with research interests in DNAPL contaminated site investigation, particularly in fractured bedrock networks.  Jessica  holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Patryk Quinn

Senior Research Scientist

Pat is the Morwick G360 Institute’s senior Packer Testing research scientist with a focus on developing, applying, and refining techniques for characterizing flow through fractured rock. He has had direct involvement in several dozens of projects (sites) across North America.

Kenley Bairos

Research Associate

Kenley has expertise in contaminant transport and fate modelling as well as experience in hydrogeological field methods for characterization of fractured rock aquifer properties and contaminant distribution. Kenley specializes in numerical modeling for Santa Suzana Field Laboratory hydrogeological data.

Philip Taylor

Equipment Technologist

Philip is the Equipment Technologist for the Morwick G360 Group with manufacturing and construction experience. Phil is a licensed millwright and has extensive experience with  machine shop, automated machinery, electrical, pipe fitting, hydraulics, pneumatics and construction trades.

Maria Gorecka

Laboratory Manager

Maria is responsible for running and managing all aspects of the Morwick G360 analytical laboratory.

Bruna Sousa

Laboratory Technician

Bruna is a Morwick G360 Laboratory Technician and has a Biotechnology Diploma from Conestoga College and extensive experience in overseeing and implementing analytical processes, striving towards a healthy operating lab, including team collaboration and cross-departmental involvement.

Chrystyn Skinner

Staff Researcher

Chrystyn completed her BSc in Environmental Earth Sciences at the University of Alberta and her MSc in Environmental Sciences (Hydrogeology) at the University of Guelph. Her research focuses on high-resolution methods to characterize groundwater flow systems, particularly in municipal supply aquifers, for designing monitoring networks and evaluating potential impacts to drinking water resources.

Oliver Conway-White

Research Assistant

Oliver graduated from the University of Waterloo with a BSc in Earth Science (Geophysics Specialization) and most recently from the University of Guelph with a MASc in the School of Engineering. His research expertise includes applying geophysical methods to the study of groundwater by combining multiple geophysical techniques (both surface and airborne) to resolve the hydrostratigraphy of buried bedrock valleys.

Teresa Pilato

Staff Researcher

Teresa is a graduate from the Colorado School of Mines with BSc in Geophysical Engineering and has previously worked for USGS with the Geomagnetism Program as an intern. She recently completed her MASc in Water Resources Engineering with a focus in groundwater modelling under the supervision of Dr. Parker.

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