G³⁶⁰ will be presenting at the AGU Fall Meeting – December 2018

The G360 Institute for Groundwater Research will be presenting at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting taking place in Washington, DC from the 10th – 14th December 2018.

Please visit our team at the Walter E Washington Convention Center – Hall A-C (Poster Hall) to learn more about our research.

Jonathan Kennel: Tuesday December 11 – 13:40 – 18:00
Collecting water levels every second: Applications to barometric response functions

Chris Morgan: Thursday December 13 – 08:00 – 12:20
Photogrammetry Informed Fracture Network Characteristics in a Sandstone Aquifer for 3-Dimensional Discrete Fracture Network Simulation

Chrystyn Skinner: Thursday December 13 – 08:00 – 12:20
High-Resolution Hydrogeological Characterization of a Fractured Dolostone Aquifer to Evaluate Municipal Supply Well Vulnerability

Sam Jacobson: Friday December 14 – 13:40 – 18:00
High Resolution Groundwater and Contaminant Characterization in Karst Boreholes in Central Florida, USA

Brian Ndirangu: Friday December 14 – 13:40 – 18:00
Temporal Evolution of a NAPL Source Zone Up-gradient of a Pump & Treat System in a Fractured Sandstone Aquifer

For more details, view the entire AGU Fall Meeting Program here:

The G³⁶⁰ Institute’s Dr. Beth Parker (director), Amanda Pierce and Steve Chapman will be at the Battelle Conference – April 2018

Dr. Beth Parker, director of the G360 Institute for Groundwater Research, along with Amanda Pierce and Steve Chapman will be at the Battelle Conference from the 8ᵗʰ – 12ᵗʰ April 2018. Below are the topics that will be delivered by our team:

Beth Parker (University of Guelph/ Canada)
Thursday 12ᵗʰ April, 2018
High-Resolution Characterization of an Aged Toluene Source Zone and Plume in a Dolostone Aquifer.
B.L. Parker, J. Fernandes, S.W. Chapman, C. Maldaner, P. Wanner, K. Dunfield, R. Aravena, E. Haack, and D. Tsao.

Steven Chapman (University of Guelph/Canada)
Monday 8ᵗʰ April, 2018
Multi-Method High-Resolution Characterization of Contaminant Distributions in Sedimentary versus Igneous Rock Settings.
S. Chapman, B. Parker, S. Pitkin, T. Imbrigiotta, D. Goode, and L. Davidsson.

Amanda Pierce (University of Guelph/Canada)
Group 1 Poster: Sunday 6:00 p.m.–Tuesday 1:55 p.m.
Multiple Methods for Discerning Abiotic and Biotic Processes Affecting Trichloroethene Plume Behavior in Fractured Sedimentary Rock
A.A. Pierce, B.L. Parker, S.W. Chapman, J.C. Hurley, J.A. Cherry, L. Zimmerman, and R. Aravena.

Other Presentations associated with Dr. Parker and the G360 Institute are:

Characterization of Rock Matrix Properties Controlling Contaminant Storage in Fractured Rock Using Novel Geophysical Technologies.
L.D. Slater, J. Robinson, K. Keating, B. Parker, S. Falzone, C. Rose, S. Chapman, C. Johnson, and F.D. Day-Lewis.
Lee Slater (Rutgers University Newark/USA)

A New Method for Efficient High-Resolution Mapping of DNAPL and Dissolved Phase Contamination in Fractured Bedrock.
C. Keller, M. Higgins, B. Parker, S. Chapman, and S. Pitkin.
Carl Keller (Flexible Liner Underground Technologies/USA)

Hope you have a chance to see and meet them!

See the Battelle website for more information on the conference and full program.

The G³⁶⁰ Team has new additions!

Please join us in welcoming two new members to our group.

Nathan Glas and Oliver Conway-White has joined our team as research assistants and will begin their Masters program in fall 2018. Read more about Nathan and Oliver at the link below.