The Future of Groundwater Research

The G³⁶⁰ Institute for Groundwater Research is now the Morwick G³⁶⁰ Groundwater Research Institute! If you missed the live announcement, a recording is available below. We’re excited about what this means for the future of the Institute and for global groundwater research. Watch to learn more, or visit

Introducing the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute!

Since 2007, the G360 Institute for Groundwater Research has been a leader in research and innovation for global groundwater protection, contaminant removal, and water supply management. Today, we are excited to announce the next big step in realizing the Institute’s mission.

A generous $10 million gift from Edward (Ted) Morwick will enable significant capital improvements to the Bedrock Aquifer Field Facility – to be renamed the Morwick Groundwater Research Centre – making it a state-of-the-art facility for teaching and research. The gift also creates a new endowed Chair in Sustainable Groundwater Research at the University of Guelph. Finally, it will support the training of the next generation of water and climate change researchers through student research assistantships. Together, these initiatives will lay the groundwork for a bright future in global water research.

In recognition of this transformative donation, the G360 Institute for Groundwater Research will be renamed the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute. To read the full press release and learn more, visit

The Future of Groundwater Research is Almost Here

The University of Guelph and the G360 Institute for Groundwater Research are about to make a game-changing announcement that will ensure the world’s access to safe drinking water.

Join us Thursday June 3rd at 3:00PM to watch the virtual event!

If you have not already registered, you can view the event live at this link:

A Live Q+A will follow the announcement.