CMC Open House – October 2017


CaMI (Containment and Monitoring Institute), a business unit of CMC (Carbon Management Canada) established the Brooks field research station (FRS) to facilitate and accelerate research for geological containment and storage of CO2 as one of its many goals. Carbon capture and storage is a key component of Canada’s strategy for continued development of unconventional oil and gas deposits under growing global pressure to move toward a low carbon economy.

The G360 Institute for Groundwater Research, with Dr. Beth Parker as the Principal Investigator, have developed a growing collaboration with CaMI to lead the groundwater monitoring aspects of the study at the FRS. The primary focus of the G360 team, with Leon Halwa as Project Manager, will be to lead the groundwater characterization and monitoring of the shallow and intermediate zones before, during and after injection of the CO2, to better understand the mobility of stray gas.

On the 24th October 2017, CaMI  had an official opening and celebration of the start of the injection program, after a decade of planning, collaborations and investments.  The event was well attended with a turnout of over 70 people. The event is shown on the university of Calgary website at: