Multilevel Monitoring Systems

Multilevel cartoon diagram in cross section view

Multilevel systems (MLSs) are critical tools for probing the subsurface at multiple discrete intervals. Morwick G360 experiments with a variety of global vendors of the technologies and has recently developed our own G360 MLS system. The Morwick G360 team aims to advance a number of depth-discrete, MLS designs, aimed at better site and flow system characterization and monitoring in the shallow and intermediate depth ranges. Each of the monitoring intervals serves for hydraulic head measurement and water sampling, discretely isolated from intervals above and below using inflated packers or emplaced bentonite seals. The design criteria include low cost, low complexity, low chemical reactivity, ease of fabrication and installation, effective and efficient permanent decommissioning for regulatory compliance, ease of removal for temporary deployments, and suitability for use in holes with wide range of diameters in overburden or bedrock. This ongoing Morwick G360 project directed at improved MLS designs is an extension of a long-standing effort to improve the depth-discrete, multilevel monitoring systems. Improved MLS designs would provide the best opportunities to maximize the value of boreholes for most types of groundwater investigations.

An international patent was submitted by Dr. Beth Parker and Dr. John Cherry in October 2018 titled: Depth-Discrete Multilevel Downhole System for Groundwater Testing And Management (PCT/CA2018/051289).

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