Hamidreza Dannak

PhD Candidate, School of Engineering

Hamidreza is an alumnus of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree, GroundwatCH programme 2021 in Hydrogeology between IHE Delft institute for Water education, Delft, the Netherlands, Technical University of Dresden, Germany and Institute Superior Technico, Lisbon, Portugal. He has worked on hydrogeological site characterization to improve conceptual site model of a “Natura 2000” site at the Southern part of the Netherlands, North Brabant province. Combining surface Geophysical methods (ERT) with hydrogeochemistry together with the company Evides they improved local spatial resolution of hydrogeological models of REGIS II and GeoTOP . He has also completed an internship with Waternet company, the city of Amsterdam’s main water supplier, in a local polder where he worked on fresh-brackish interface delineation.

He is interested in using advanced and high-resolution geophysical tools for improving groundwater flow system understanding. He will be working on multiple sites, including Dolime Quarry at Guelph where he will implement Active Distributed Temperature Sensing (A-DTS), Nuclear Magnetic Response (NMR) and Full Wave Sonic tools (FWS) together with a 4-Dimensional high resolution hydraulic head monitoring network for site characterization. “Groundwater flow system is an alive and dynamic system that always excites me with the way it responds to external imposed pressures and by doing my PhD with MG360 I hope I can improve our insight on its static and dynamic characteristics“.

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