Laura Weaver

Research Associate

Background: Laura has over 12 years of environmental consulting experience specializing in hydrogeological characterization and predictive groundwater flow and mass fate/transport modellingHer professional experience includes regional-, site-, and wellhead-scale studies in support of decision making for water supply, environmental impact assessment, mineral resource and reserve estimation, and site remediation initiatives. She has developed complex site interpretations, and representative models, of groundwater flow and sources, pathways, and receptors of contaminants of potential concern in a variety of materials: from glacial sediments to siliciclastic and carbonate sedimentary bedrock sequences. Prior to consulting, Laura completed her MSc in glacial geology with a focus on interpreting the glacial and interglacial processes that led to the formation of the Waterloo Moraine in the Region of Waterloo.
Interests: Laura enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and all things outdoors. She’s currently training for her first marathon. It’s not uncommon to find her painting, drawing, or just hanging with her two dogs.
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