G³⁶⁰ Presents DFN Approach to Swedish Trade Organization

On October 24, G³⁶⁰ Senior Research Engineer & Hydrogeologist, Steven Chapman, along with Erik Bergstedt (Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU) and Janna Svensson (Sweco) presented to members of the Swedish National Trade Organization, Nätverket Renare Mark (www.renaremark.se). The meeting was comprised of consultants, local and regional environmental authorities, community stakeholders, and contractors in Sweden.

Presentations were given to two groups (20 participants each) followed by site tours of a former dry cleaner site in Helsingborg, where ongoing G³⁶⁰ research activities including rock core sampling, use of FLUTe liners for sealing boreholes, A-DTS testing and multilevel installations were showcased. Carlos Maldaner and Ryan Kroeker of G³⁶⁰ participated in the field demonstrations along with Lina Ingelstedt Frendberg of Sweco.

G³⁶⁰ is collaborating with the SGU and their consultant Sweco on applying the DFN field investigation approach at the Helsingborg site, where presentations like this are organized to facilitate technology transfer as a requirement by the Swedish EPA.

In thanks for our participation, event participants from the Swedish National Trade Organization network provided a donation on behalf of the G³⁶⁰ Group, SGU, and Sweco to WaterAid (www.wateraid.se), whose mission is to change the lives of the world’s poorest and most marginalized people by improving access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene.

More details of the event can be found on the Nätverket Renare Mark events page.

Site tours of a former dry cleaner site in Helsingborg.
Technology demonstrations at the Helsingborg site.