MG360 in Sweden

MG360 has long standing relationships with Sweden through Lund University and the Swedish Geological Survey (SGU) through collaborative research efforts at multiple field sites, where MG360 have deployed various components of the DFN-M field approach for site characterization.

In 2020, Dr. Beth Parker was awarded the Tage Erlander Visiting Professorship (checkout our January newsletter and this article to read more) which was accompanied by an 8-month sabbatical at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. However, due to Covid-19, this sabbatical was split into two trips, with the first half being in spring of 2022 and the second half during the spring of 2023.  

During the second half of her sabbatical, Dr. Parker taught a 2.5-week intensive PhD-course in Hydrogeological Conceptual Models for Groundwater Use and Protection: Characterization methods and scaling considerations, in the Department of Geology at Lund University, from March 15-31st, 2023.  

This course was designed to lean into hands-on education and incorporate lessons through lectures, field-work demos and real-world experience, case studies and student-led presentations.  

The new cohort of MG360 students, including MSc. students Cindy Li, Calvin Veenkamp, Isabella (Kat) Bowman, and PhD students Rosialine Roedel, Hamidreza Dannak and Jennie Hansson, all attended the short course before setting sails to go in different directions to do their own travelling before returning back to Ontario to continue their studies. 

Dr. Beth Parker and Dr. Charlotte Sparrenbom, from Lund University, spearheaded the short course, with guest lectures and field work supported by MG360 Team members Dr. Peeter Pehme, Dr. Jonathan Munn, Dr. Ferdinando Manna, Dr. Jonathan Kennel, Steven Chapman and Ryan Kroeker. This course came to fruition through collaboration and team efforts from those mentioned above, as well as numerous colleagues and supporters from Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Chalmers University, Uppsala University, the Swedish Geological Survey and KTH Royal Institute of Technology

As part of the Lund graduate course, MG360 helped conduct field demonstrations at two sites that were attended by the students along with participants from industry and regulatory bodies. These included the Raven site in Helsingborg, a former dry cleaner site, where MG360 have been conducting DFN-M investigations with SGU and their consultant Sweco since 2018.

Overall, 17 students from 9 different countries attended this PhD short course. It was an incredible learning opportunity and experience that the students and staff enjoyed and will carry with them throughout their careers. 

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