Happy National Groundwater Awareness Week!

March 8th-14th, 2020 marks National Groundwater Awareness Week. Here at G³⁶⁰ we are excited to share 5 of our favourite groundwater facts relevant to Guelph, Canada, and the world at large.

Did You Know?

  1. Groundwater represents 99% of all unfrozen fresh water in the world. It provides almost half of the world’s population with domestic water, and is the source of almost half of the water used for irrigation worldwide.

  2. Seven countries in the world (China, India, Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States) account for 74% of global groundwater withdrawals, with India accounting for one fourth of the global groundwater use.

  3. Almost nine million Canadians depend on groundwater for domestic use, which represents over 30% of the population. In some provinces, such as those in the Maritimes, the domestic use of groundwater is much higher. For example, the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are 64% and 100% reliant, respectively, on groundwater as a source of water for domestic use.

  4. More than 80% of the people living in the Grand River watershed rely on groundwater as a source of clean, safe drinking water.

  5. Guelph is one of the largest Canadian cities to rely almost exclusively on groundwater for its drinking water supply. The average daily water demand in Guelph in 2019 was 47,015 cubic meters (~47 million liters). That is about 19 Olympic-size swimming pools!

To learn more about Groundwater Awareness Week and how you can get involved, visit the NGWA Groundwater Awareness Week website.

Learn more about the facts you read today at their sources below!
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Join the G³⁶⁰ Institute at the H₂0 Go Festival 2018 – March 24ᵗʰ 2018

The G³⁶⁰ Institute will be at the H₂0 Go Festival once again in 2018.
Please come visit our desk to learn about Groundwater in a fun an exciting way!

Date: 24ᵗʰ March 2018
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Maria Gorecka celebrates her 60ᵗʰ birthday with Dr. Beth Parker and the G³⁶⁰ Institute – November 2017

Maria Gorecka has been working with Dr. Beth Parker and Dr. John Cherry since October 1996. She started as a lab technician at the University of Waterloo. Maria then became the manager of Dr. Parker’s analytical laboratory in 2001, and in 2008 she followed Dr. Parker to the University of Guelph. She has been supporting Beth’s research for over 20 years now.

Maria has expressed that when she first arrived as a new immigrant, even though she spoke limited English and was learning to live in a new world, her initial trepidation quickly gave way to relief due to the warm welcome she received from working with such an extraordinary group of people who are now her dear friends.

We all feel very lucky to have Maria with us in the group and wish her all the best for her next 60 years!