Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Morwick Groundwater Research Centre! 

On Thursday November 9th, 2023, we celebrated the construction of our new Morwick Groundwater Research Centre (MGRC) located at 360 College Avenue E, Guelph, Ontario. 

This research center, nestled within the Grand River watershed, is built on the same footprint as our previous facility, the Bedrock Aquifer Field Facility (BAFF), minimizing environmental impact, and will be constructed in two phases, starting with the classrooms.  

In June 2021, Edward (Ted) Morwick generously donated $10M to our Institute, which significantly supported the development of this new research centre. When complete, this facility will feature: 

  • Two classrooms, which will serve as an educational space for teaching, conferences, workshops and community engagement 
  • A two-story transparent groundwater well, which will be a key teaching tool to show students the underground intricacies of monitoring and conventional wells 
  • A rock wall representing the Silurian Dolostone Aquifer, which Guelph relies on solely for our drinking water supply 
  • A rock core library for use as a hands-on teaching tool 

Our new research centre will allow us to engage on a deeper level with the community, providing workshops and short courses to professionals, increase attraction, retention and the quality of hands-on education for our graduate students, and provide a global hub for groundwater research. We are committed to training the next generation of groundwater science professionals, ensuring we have the expertise to address the world’s water quality challenges.  

President & Vice-Chancellor of University of Guelph Dr. Charlotte Yates, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Interim Dean Dr. Richard Zytner and the Interim Vice-President of Research Dr. Rene Van Acker spoke on behalf of the importance of this new research facility and the substantial impact it will have on not only our local community, but globally.

The Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute is already an internationally recognized leader in groundwater research, and this state-of-the-art facility is poised to elevate it even further. The MGRC will be a cornerstone for experiential learning and research; however, we need your help to raise the remaining funds to realize the full potential of this facility. 

With the remaining funds raised, we will be able to incorporate state of the art, sustainable features such as: 

  • Rain Garden and Infiltration Gallery 
  • Stormtech System 
  • Rainwater Prefilter and Storage Tank 

If you know of someone or a group that is seeking to support advances in hydrologic and hydrogeologic characterization and monitoring given the immediate challenges for safe and sustainable freshwater needs, then please consider directing them to our Morwick G360 fundraising campaign.  

Sponsorship Opportunities  

  • Main Auditorium/Classroom: $1,000,000 
  • Rock Core Library and Technology Storage Facility: $500,000 
  • Outdoor Education Patio: $250,000 
  • Morwick Groundwater Research Centre Sustaining Donor Recognition Wall: $50,000 or more 

To donate or sponsor, please contact us at or contact Jennifer Hurley directly at  

It was a great turn out, thank you to everyone who made it out to celebrate this exciting new journey for the Morwick G360 Groundwater Research Institute!