G³⁶⁰ Presents at the NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater

Members of the G³⁶⁰ group are presenting at the NGWA Conference on Fractured Rock and Groundwater this week, held in Burlington, VT. This conference focuses on improved outcomes for groundwater remediation and examines what is needed to construct a sufficiently robust conceptual site model (CSM).

G³⁶⁰ Principal Investigator, Dr. Jessica Meyer (@HawkeyeHydroGeo), gave the keynote address to kick off the conference, titled “Do You Know Where Your Aquitards Are? A Case for Hydraulically Calibrated Geology as the Foundation for Robust CSMs of Contaminated Fractured Rock Systems”.

Talks will be presented by three other G³⁶⁰ members throughout the conference:
Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Pat Quinn:
Improving Hydraulic Aperture Estimations to Inform Discrete Fracture Network Models

Senior Research Engineer & Hydrogeologist, Steven Chapman:
Evaluation of High Resolution Methods for Contaminant and Flux Distributions in Igneous / Metamorphic Rock Settings

MSc Candidate, Sam Jacobson:
Direct Mass Flux Measurements for 1,4-Dioxane From an Industrial Site in a Karst Aquifer

Beth Parker Named 2019 AGU Fellow

The American Geophysical Union (AGU) has announced the 2019 Class of AGU Fellows and will honor the 62 prominent scientists on Wednesday December, 11th at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, California.

AGU Fellows are recognized for their “scientific eminence in the Earth and space sciences. Their breadth of interests and the scope of their contributions are remarkable and often groundbreaking. Only 0.1% of AGU membership receives this recognition in any given year.”

Dr. Beth Parker has been recognized as an AGU Fellow for her ground-breaking work that has markedly advanced conceptual models and methods to understand contaminants in fractured porous geologic media. Dr. Parker has applied these methods at diverse types of aged contaminated industrial sites in Canada and the United States. Her work advances science and supports science-based decision-making concerning groundwater contamination and water management.

Congratulations to Dr. Beth Parker and all of the 2019 AGU Fellows on this prestigious recognition!

Read the full AGU news release here.

Heron Instruments demonstrates cutting-edge well inspection camera to G³⁶⁰ Group

Heron Instruments Inc. visited the G360 Group recently to demonstrate their dipper-See EXAMINER Vertical Downhole Inspection Camera. This robust and cost effective tool will allow G360 researchers easy examination of boreholes to identify fractures or caverns, locate obstructions, and precisely position downhole instruments such as pressure transducers and temperature probes. The self-contained system packs into a single case that allows easy shipment to field sites around the world.

Visit Heron Instruments’s blog post here to see real footage from the demo and to learn more!

Beth Parker and UofG Researchers Lead Multimillion-Dollar Groundwater Studies Funded by Government and Industry Partners

On Friday June 7th, G360 and University of Guelph Alumni Affairs hosted a free public event at the University of Guelph in celebration of our groundwater partnerships, and to announce two recently awarded NSERC-Industry grants in groundwater. Almost $11 million in funding by federal and local government, and industry partners will go towards groundwater research, including monitoring local Guelph bedrock aquifer wells to ensure safe, sustainable drinking water for Wellington County’s growing population.

Remarks by Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield, the City of Guelph’s Division Manager Water Services, Wayne Galliher, UofG Vice-President (Research), Malcolm Campbell, and Dr. Beth Parker spoke to the importance and impact of this research funding. Read the official press release issued by the University of Guelph, here.

This announcement was also reported in local news by the Guelph Mercury Tribune and Guelph Today.